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“Working in IT Department we should nonetheless serve colleagues of other departments like they were customers!” said the IT Director China of the transnational company to his colleagues when he took up the post. The Company has been therefrom closely connected with cloud service of BizConf Global Conferencing Center. Its branch in China used to adopt the audio conferencing service of a foreign company, which had led to disappointment and complaints from employees in other departments over its solely technical support. It was a pressing priority for the IT Department to make a difference and improve customer experience and satisfaction.

So when Amanda, who was sent by BizConf for business exploration of the Company, took the challenges with her colleagues and after a month’s hard working presented to the IT Director an integrated service solution, he was so impressed and made the decision to take the solution right away. Moreover the BizConf consultant offered some dramatic suggestions on details and opportunities for trial to involve more of the Company’s workforce. The Company agreed to put up posters in its staff washing rooms, which turned out to be very helpful in promoting the service solution with more than 80% of the staff taking notice of the posters.

In implementing the service solution, the BizConf consultants worked with the Company’s IT Department to launch a number of interesting shows as well as presentations and training courses on BizConf web and audio conferencing, followed by increasing involvement of the Company’s staff in the program and in-depth understanding of the convenience and unimpeded efficiency brought about by the BizConf audio and web conferencing.

“Compared with the homgeneous products in the market, BizConf offered a range of well-developed and user-friendly products, among which the BizConf Web Conferencing is, more than others, as convenient as the instant communication tools for daily use, except more powerful in that it allows instant meetings, instant desktop sharing and group discussions, etc. in a shorter period. Most importantly, the BizConf Web Conferencing, unlike the various daily communication tools used for personal communication, is a business application featuring high reliability and friendly user interface, exactly what we need.” said an executive in discussion over the solution, “We’re a proactive advocate of environmental protection. Not only shall we reduce waste in design and R&D, use green materials and ensure decontamination, so as to minimize our environmental footprint in developing new products. Our internal working procedures shall likewise be based on the principles or there shall be no sustainable development. Thanks to BizConf communication service, our staffs have literally become doers of environmental protection.”

“It’s been a hard job to implement the solution because it aims to change our work habits or work patterns. However the BizConf team is so dedicated that they gave us many productive suggestions and had in-depth communications with our colleagues, their professional service helped us in the IT department focus on the implementation of the highly efficient collaboration mode and elimination of cliche and emotional obstacle. BizConf’s Service is awesome.” said someone from the IT Department.

The successful service solution has won gushing praise by other departments of the Company and the IT Director himself won the IT Service Innovation Award granted by the global headquarters for the great changes and innovations he had brought about to IT service. “With the BizConf integrated service solution, our staffs are convinced of the prospects in facilitating internal communication and collaboration and saving expenses in this regard. In addition, it’s with the professional and quality service of BizConf that IT Department has accomplished the amazing revolution in strengthening our corporate communication and collaboration. Many many thanks.” said the IT Director.

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