Giant drugmaker taking the Unified Communication 3.0 consultancy service to save USD 30 million in a short time

Media reports

The international medicine market has been witnessing increasingly intense competition since the start of 21st Century. Major drugmakers likewise have been confronted with numerous business challenges including expiration of drug patent and extended time to market so they are in urgent need to improve competency to keep pace with the fast-changing market trends. None of the strategic issues however have been regarded as cooperative communication challenges before BizConf turned up.

BizConf, known for its Unified Communication 3.0 consultancy service, sent consultants to the pharmaceutical company after initial contact and found out after a comprehensive interview that the communication operation procedures remained to be rearranged and optimized, among which the most urgent joy rested on the integration of communication tools with current workflow in order to improve efficiency and reduce expenditures.

The Company previously took the EOC virtual conference center featuring state-of-the-art modern high-definition video conferencing room, which was not used frequently as expected. BizConf’s analysis revealed, in 2012 there were 136 Q1 and Q2 meetings and 25 external meetings, 35 of which were plenary meetings held by the most frequent visiting department; in regard to the utilization rate of VC rooms in different places, that in Beijing is almost saturated at 94.7% against the average utilization rate at nearly 50% while those in some cities were rarely used.

The consultants conducted analyses with BizConf’s exclusive 3.0IP model and, pinpointing the leading culprit in communication, suggested that remote control will enable the EOC center to save USD 100 million within two years. Obviously BizConf’s virtual conference center service is not only IT cooperative communication infrastructure but more importantly an overall planning by taking into account the corporate strategy and operation. Therefore the BizConf provided the ROPEC service solution including communication deployment planning, remote collaboration combination mode and reasonable ratio adjustment of virtual and real meetings, saving up to USD 30 million in merely 10 months.

ROPEC model

With the model BizConf also suggested a productive operating pattern integrating reasonable cooperative communication for various meetings of BUPC departments. Judging from the previously mentioned 35 real meetings, the per capita cost has been reduced from USD 4,300 to USD 300.

“It’s our tradition to take the initiative to blaze new trails and the consultancy-focused Unified Communication cloud service has helped us make leaps and bounds in management, saving time and travel expenses for attendees and more importantly facilitating our positioning geared to the upscale market.” said the head of the Company.