Huang Yuangeng,CEO of BizConf

Nowadays, the world has been witnessing rapid technological progress and space-time integration and the vicissitudes of time and space would be a mere click away. The mobile internet, cloud computing, big data, social media, etc. are changing our life and work all the time.

BizConf keeps changing in the face of constant changes and is always ready for taking challenges. With years of professional and well-developed principles and experience in serving the world’s top 500 enterprises, BizConf helps enterprises cope with complicated communication challenges and provides more cost-saving and efficient applications of innovative communication and collaboration, maximizing the value of Unified Communication for customers. BizConf would always, under the guideline of “Communication Leads to Value”, help customers identify and seize business opportunities and improve core competence, making all-out efforts to serve business, the whole society and every one by creating value through constant innovations and creation.

Endless and far the road may be, up and down I shall seek, for the ideal I hold dear to my heart. We’d be more than pleased to devote our best to the information technology in China, to contribute to social development and forge ahead with our customers and the whole industry.

Official WeChat account of BizConf


Open WeChat, click “discovery” at the bottom, use “Scan QR Code” and follow the updates of BizConf

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