Unified Communication solution for financial sector

Users’ grievances




Banks, securities agencies, funds, insurance companies and other financial institutions are severely challenged due to development of modern information and internet communication technology. In bringing about diversified financial services it should be noted that financial sector is highly sensitive to policy and market changes, every financial institution is therefore challenged in implementing information transfer in a fast, efficient and safe way. In addition, some financial magnates also increase lots of difficulties for information transfer by means of its huge branches in this regard.


01BizConf provides integrated customer communication solution

High-value/VIP customers need safer and more user-friendly consultancy service

BizConf Remote Unified Communication Solution would provide high-end and professional fully monitored online conferencing service to ensure meetings in order throughout the duration; security code and artificial verification would greatly improve the privacy and security of conferences; high-end video service with the high-definition video effects would ensure that no single micro-expression is left out so as to improve customer satisfaction index.

Cross-department cooperation service

When communication with multiple departments is needed to work on service procedures, BizConf Remote Unified Communication Solution would enable customers to communicate with different service departments at the same time in order to respond faster to customers; avoid complicated procedures during which information may be lost or altered and avoid extended service time in prevention of reducing customer satisfaction index.

02BizConf offers internal communication and collaboration solution

Analyst communication

BizConf Unified Communication System would complete the internal transfer of high value information in a fast, efficient and safe way to make sure analysts informed of policy and market information fast and on time for sake of timely operation in accordance with market trends; analysts and securities practitioners are often busy with work and in tight schedules, BizConf system would help avoid the low attendance rate and difficulties in arranging offline conferences; meanwhile security code and artificial verification would greatly improve the privacy and security of conferences.

Salespeople training

Salesman training session

BizConf Unified Communication System enables the synchronized information transfer to channel users and terminal users and compatible to access of every terminal (PC, PAD, mobile phones) so the terminal users could join the meetings whenever and wherever they need; common problems in training like geographically dispersed offices and staff, frequent employee turnover, high travel and training expenses and time cost, unsynchronized training in different regions, inadequate excellent training resources to cover all regions, delayed information transferring and update are obstacles to overcome in business expansions. For those with multiple and even complicated corporate branches, it would build a huge professional training team on frequent and long-term business trips to cover each branch with the latest training, exerting pressure on employers for both labor costs and travel expenses.

Superiority of the solution

Adaptive to hardware and terminal access, ensuring real-time and convenient conferences

All-round service support to ensure the reliability of webcasting live performance

Trustworthy capabilities to cover global hardware and software, rich experience in global deployment and implementation (remote service for 70% of world’s top 500 enterprises)

Any information transferred during the meetings would be under control while security code and artificial verification would greatly improve the security of conferences;

Access via any terminal at any place

BizConf would fit into remote hardware system to achieve low-cost hardware expansion (hardware be the main venue, expanded with software) and be compatible to all hardware conferencing systems in accordance with ITU protocol standard

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