Sanpower’s global annual meeting: synchronized video conference attended by 90,000!

Few communication service providers across the world would be competent enough to handle complicated video conferencing service like this.

  • 49branch venues

  • 7 overseas cities

  • 90,000 across the world connected online

  • 600video conferencing points

Annual Review and Awards Conference of Sanpower Group refreshed the world record of video conferencing service:

49 branch venues across Chinese mainland, Hongkong and Macau as well as 7 overseas cities like London, Los Angeles, Abu Dhabi.

90,000 across the world connected online, nearly 600 video conferencing points installed in stores across domestic cities, the most attended and synchronized webcasting event till now.

Our cooperation with BizConf aims to offer a customized cloud video conferencing solution to overcome global communication barriers for enterprises. Some employees in remote regions could, against time and cultural differences, for the first time watch the president’s speech, ask questions and get answered, all of which inspired overseas employees’ ambitions and vividly presented the progress and gorgeous blueprint of Sanpower Group.

The most attended video conference handled by Intercall was one attended by 16,000

said Herb Pyles, the senior vice president of the world’s largest Unified Communication
service provider Intercall. BizConf’s spectacular global service competence absolutely
stuns the world.

Users grievances

The problems brought by globalization

Sanpower Group has been witnessing tremendous growth over the last few years, driving forward the troika of “international Sanpower, restructured Sanpower, Charity Sanpower”. With a series of overseas mergers and acquisitions, the group leadership expanded its business to North America, Europe, Middle East, etc., laying solid foundation for its international initiatives, most of which concerning some key countries along the Belt and Road. Sanpower’s fast expanding globalization triggered its escalating demand for communications and gave rise to a number of inextricable technical problems.

Current dedicated lines were unable to fulfill communications with some of the local branches, not to mention catering transnational communications. Sanpower sought to address this problem and contacted with several service providers, however every time they found themselves confronted with predicament in circuit adjustment, for instance a variety of approaches had been tried to address the connection to the overseas branch in Abu Dhabi in vain.


Global operation network connecting with the world for unimpeded and smooth communication

BizConf takes advantages of its professional cloud conferencing service platform to provide a whole set of high-definition video conferencing service solutions. The Sanpower’s annual meeting was finally held in 49 branch venues covering Chinese mainland, Hongkong and Macau and 7 overseas cities including London, Los Angeles and Abu Dhabi, attended by 90,000 online to celebrate glories of Sanpower.

Transnational communication

Global partnership network and strategic cooperation with China Telecom, China Unicom, Tata Communication and other operators have been established and local access and toll free access numbers are available in over 150 regions across the world. Meanwhile we’ve developed close strategic partnership with InterCall, Microsoft, Huawei and other global leading communication and IT service providers for diversified and extensive cooperation in optimizing product application and providing to customers more and better products and service.

Operator service

Offer 7*24*365 multilingual operator access service over 50 countries across the world and everyone attending meetings would enjoy the cozy VIP experience.

Superiority of the solution

Over 200 parties can hold real-time interactive conferences

Hardware integrated video systems

Multi-channel multi-language simultaneous interpretation

Dual-stream videos and sharing

Manageable video streaming audience

Enabled video conferencing access of 10 countries across the globe

Official WeChat account of BizConf


Open WeChat, click “discovery” at the bottom, use “Scan QR Code” and follow the updates of BizConf

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