Stories behind the low-carbon office

More than a decade ago, BizConf brought the idea of Unified Communication to China and during negotiations over technological cooperation with European partners they got to know a new term: carbon emission calculator. With the cooperation with these partners we came to realize how closely business could be connected to environmental protection.

In 2012, a world-renowned American pharmaceutical company, one of our clients, planned to have a meeting convening over 500 people and accordingly we gave them the solutions, both online and offline. Then they asked us to provide them an analysis report clarifying 3 things: how much money has been saved? How much time saved? How much carbon emission saved? After that event we arrived at a range of surprising figures: 93% carbon emission or 50,000 kg saved around. We’re grateful to this Company for triggering our attempts to fully integrate business and environmental protection. From then on we went ahead to guide our customers and convey to them that remote communication and collaboration, apart from saving time and money, could help build low-carbon offices.

We also started to conduct virtual calculation of the carbon emission saved based on data with our operation platform in that year. Currently we have an annual operation time of 700 million minutes, equivalent to saving 800,000 tons of carbon emission or planting more than 80 million trees. Here we’d like to extend our gratitude to our clients for their great contribution.

  • 700million
    Operation minute
  • 800,000
    tons Carbon emission
  • 80 million
    Planting trees

We hope that...

Only 10% of Chinese enterprises are now handling business with remote collaboration to reduce travel time. We together with our partners hope the other 90% enterprises would come to know the low-carbon working approach.

Be it enterprises or individuals, we could live or work in greener and more environmentally-friendly ways. Try our utmost to improve the public awareness in this regard.