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The largest lactobacillus beverage manufacturer in Japan came to mainland China in 2001 and brought the health idea of probiotics to Chinese people. It has now developed into a highly influential, well-recognized brand in China after decades of development.

Currently, it has established the headquarters and plant in Shanghai and other plants in Jiading, Tianjin and Wuxi as well as offices in 31 domestic regions. In consideration of its huge corporate architecture and fast changing market, a well-developed internal communication and collaboration platform would be necessary in catering to the corporate operation demands.

Diagnosis of communication annoyance

Before getting to know BizConf, the Company took the video software provided by a domestic company for its internal and external communication and cooperation, which was full of problems like poor video effects, impeded communication and inability for synchronized data sharing, etc. and therefore they found it low-end, difficult to use and harmful to communication efficiency, project progress, overall corporate operation and the Company’s public image. When choosing the right solution there were opposing views within the Company, some suggested high-end video conference rooms be built to seek great video effects and high-end image; others believed it too much investment, too expensive to maintain and too difficult to expand, as a result they were deadlocked over the software and hardware dilemma.

BizConf 2-step Program

In light of the Company’s problems to be addressed and effects expected, BizConf proposed the Mixed Cloud Video Conferencing Solution to build for the Company’s branch in China a whole set of video conferencing solutions integrating hardware and internal server.

Internal deployment

To address the poor public internet connection and impeded video for the Company’s remote plants, BizConf installed a set of private cloud video conferencing platform in the four plants under the Company to achieve high-definition and high-end video connections to each other and perfectly fulfilled the initial demands of the Company’s executives.

External connection

For its offices with decent internet connection, public cloud video conferencing platforms could be conveniently adopted to convene video conferences any time any place through PC, mobile phones and other terminals. More importantly, the Mixed Cloud Video Conferencing Solution is great in that account authentication signaling interaction could be well transferred between the two cloud platforms and thus connected fast and seamlessly so as to integrate the video hardware terminals, PC, PAD, mobile phones and other equipment.

The BizConf solution resolved all of the challenges in internal and external corporate communication and collaboration and also met the demands of both disputing sides. More importantly, the Mixed Cloud Video Conferencing Solution could accomplish the most extensive and simplest application with minimal cost.

Communication leads to value

The Company’s executive meetings twice a week are now perfectly held through the BizConf video conferencing platform, which meanwhile is an indispensable part for the Company’s daily communication, external cooperation, channel management, etc.

With the cooperation BizConf as a cloud conferencing service provider impressed us with its expertise and dedication. The whole support team sent to us worked really hard all the way through device debugging, communication and collaboration with telecommunication operators, implementing the device operation and support service or any other jobs. For 2 consecutive days, 18 hours a day, they worked willingly as a great team.

—IT Department of the Company

BizConf provides to us great video conferencing products to address the video and audio interruptions resulted from poor connections. It’s good at synchronizing file sharing and desktop data and more importantly it’s so user-friendly that we know how to use it with a simple training. We’re absolutely satisfied with the BizConf Video Conferencing service.

—Marketing Department of the Company

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