HR Remote Communication Solution

In the context of increasingly globalized talent pool, stronger demand for human resources, an escalating number of enterprises turning to flexible employment mode and their constant development, merge, restructure or entry into new markets, HR managers are expected to improve efficiency, avoid risks and cut down costs in employment and training processes. BizConf HR Unified Communication Solution would help enterprises explore and recruit qualified employees without delay on a global scale and train highly potential employee in efficient ways.

Challenges in employment:

Restricted range of location for choice posed challenges for employment and only talents within the range would be taken into consideration. Build your global talent bank. Comprehensive capability, instead of location or culture, would be the one and only standard in picking talents. Never let the employment costs or communication barriers get in the way.

Extended employment time, high cost and low acceptance rate. Off-site interviews would often cost employers much on travel expenses and time, only to find the longer the employment courses, the more likely they would miss out talents. Talent reserve and deployment are often developing at a speed far lower than that of business expansion, which has been severely restricting corporate development.

Remote interviews via traditional telephone calls would make it impossible to observe the looks and micro-expressions of the interviewees and then make an all-round evaluation correspondingly.

Challenges in training:

High travel and training costs, unsynchronized trainings in different regions, inadequate excellent training resources to cover all regions and delayed information transferring and update are obstacles to overcome in business expansions. In light of the multiple and even complicated corporate branches, it would take a huge professional training team on frequent and long-term business trips to cover each branch with the latest training, exerting pressure on employers for both labor costs and travel expenses.


BizConf provides to HR managers the Unified Communication cloud service solution they need, highlighting cost-saving and efficiency-improving meetings and offering a complete set of remote employment and training solutions


Systems for long-distance interviews and training have not yet been built.

Recruitment: multi-party face-to-face video conferences attended by interviewers of the HR and recruiting departments, and the candidates.

Synchronized display of documents, audio and video training resources in multiple locations


Purchased systems for long-distance interviews and training

For companies which have purchased our hardware systems, BizConf provides hardware and software compatibility solutions to achieve cost-effective hardware expansion.

For companies which have purchased our software systems, BizConf provides worldwide software services of high stability and reliability.

Superiority of the solution

Reliable software and hardware competency for global coverage and rich experience in global deployment;

BizConf would implement low-cost hardware expansion through integration with remote hardware system or other conferencing hardware;

Shorten preparation time for interviews, reproduce face-to-face interview scenarios, and complete multiple rounds of interviews in the most efficient way. The high-definition video would help you seize each and every micro-expression while the synchronized audio and video put faraway attendees face to face against time difference;

Improve employment fulfillment rate/acceptance rate and avoid brain drain for delayed interviews;

Rapid deployment of training resources, enhance training frequency, restore the face-to-face training scenarios to ensure timely and synchronized training in all regions.

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