Unified Communication 3.0 Consultancy Service

Comprehensive business diagnosis

The period of time when customers bought equipment and served themselves is often referred to as United Communication 1.0 era, followed by a great number of Unified Communication service providers pushing the whole business forward to the Unified Communication 2.0 era. BizConf provides tailored consulting service to customers based on identification of internal business and management weakness and formulates practical Unified Communication service solution for customers in combination with the application of exclusive technology and software with the abundant industry experience and VIP service experience, which we refer to as Unified Communication 3.0 Consultancy Service.

BizConf Consultancy Service highlights adequate understanding of customers’ business, which we believe would serve as a foundation for us to provide proactive and unique consultancy service catering to demands of customers better than expected. Like the procedures of ERP placement, we would perform careful studies on industry features, provide corresponding consultancy service based on the whole picture of the enterprise including its strategic goals, organizational structure, business development status and then formulate a Unified Communication service solution in accordance with these facts.

Study on industry features

Research on the characteristics of enterprises in the industry

In accordance with facts and figures of enterprises

Combined with the actual situation of enterprises

Formulate a Unified Communication service solution

Develop a practical multi communication service plan

Marketing of BizConf Unified Communication Consultancy Service consists of following steps


Business diagnosis

Review and optimization of communication procedures based on customers’ strategic goals, organizational structure and business development status;


Structural analysis

Outline technical and functional frameworks with applications of analysis, blueprints and models.


Process integration

Integration of Unified Communication products into the current workflow, exploration of potentials in application, application performance optimization, process integration and optimization and establishment of evaluation system;


Application evaluation

Taking into account customers’ business and technical demands and by means of the function and application evaluation models, we would evaluate customers’ current communication mode and work out the virtual conversion rate of current conference types, which would be concluded with suggestions on whether or not the conferences shall virtualized. Once the virtual applications implemented, cost-efficiency model shall be employed to conduct analyses on its returns and work out changes in cost and efficiency, finally suggestions for improvement shall be submitted in accordance with analyses and application of goals and application evaluation models.

Unified Communication 3.0 platform Return Model R-OPEC

R- Resource allocation optimization

  • Time cost
  • Time cost
  • Human resources

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