BizConf Streaming as a global leading interactive webcasting platform brings about high-standard online live show by offering vivid and magnificent 3D pictures and life-like scenarios, thus efficiently getting target population covered in a simple, fast and safe way and saving much time, money and manpower for enterprises.

Cool virtual space to fully present your brand

BizConf 3D virtual convention center can accommodate creative presentations of business image and brands and offer multiple stunningly cool 3D virtual scenarios for choice.

Customized service modes for choice

Self-service and booking services are provided to cater both small-scale and self-help events whenever wherever and reservation for large-scale customized events with on-site staff and device support.


Let the global communication unimpeded

Closer to customers and the more business opportunities

Follow-up analysis report, summing up audience engagement, distribution, points of interest, content of interaction, etc., could provide statistics for subsequent reference and help explore business opportunities.

Super-large size Global coverage

BizConf provides service in up to 17 languages across the 5 continents, offering caption service in over 150 languages and unimpeded communication with its well-established global network.

Mobile experience Unimpeded Communicatio

Compatible with any intelligent terminal, internet, 4G network, etc..

Multiple functions Easy handling

Fast login and one-click access perfectly fits into mobile phones, PAD and PC as well as diversified scenarios and modes amid the mobile internet era, also microblog, WeChat, H5, text-converted PDF and other new media are embedded

Clear audio and video to be used share files and give presentations;

Meetings are automatically stored and saved for subsequent access and review.


Let the global communication unimpeded
  • Press Releases
  • Recruitment interview
  • Roundtable
  • Trade show
  • Global Staff Conference
  • Roadshow
  • Remote training
  • Product launches
  • Enterprise Annual Meeting

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