Unified Communication solution for medical sector

China’s medical service market, huge in size, has been expanding fast driven by its aging population, urbanization, wealth growth, launch of basic medical insurance system etc.. Medical institutions however are confronted with growing pressure to cut down costs and in particular severely challenged in the backdrop of the medical reform pushing for interaction of medical insurance, medicine and medical service—patients expect better service, shareholders expect higher profits while governments believe occupational standards come first. It’s a pressing task for enterprises to cater to growing demands for medical service, cutting down escalating operating cost and improving efficiency and quality of medical service.

The top ten pharmaceutical companies across the world are improving service and cutting down costs by means of BizConf Unified Communication Solution



Uneven access to medical resources and poor efficiency

80% of quality medical resources are to be found in 30% of the metropolises in China, where patients crowded in overloaded 3A hospitals, while those non-3A hospitals in contrast suffer from inadequate patients, waste of medical resources and low operational efficiency.

Meanwhile the second or third-tier domestic cities or remote regions are subject to lack of medical personnel and cost of experts’ travel and time expenses if experts are needed to give consultations for complicated and serious cases.

Medical rescues feature poor efficiency in case of emergencies.



Impeded information sharing

Medical sector could be the least geographically concentrated sector with doctors, patients and pharmaceutical representatives often scattered across the country. Difficulties are witnessed in conducting professional collaboration among different departments of one hospital or different medical institutions; in clinical education and discussions among hospitals and between hospitals and medical schools; in conducting professional training to pharmaceutical representatives scattered around.

Moreover medical sector needs to be well-managed, national and industrial policies shall be transferred right and fast since hospitals and pharmaceutical companies are highly sensitive to policy changes, therefore their service provider shall be quick in responding and implementing.



Difficulty in marketing

It’s getting increasingly difficult to follow the traditional marketing approaches by which experts are invited for national speaking tours and domestic doctors are invited to join the academic promotion meetings, because high-level experts as scarce resources are hard to invite and it’s impossible to ask them for a national tour while the alternative to invite them to events in core cities playing important roles in marketing would be low in efficiency in consideration of the complexity of organizing the events and high costs. In the other hand lots of doctors could not make it to various medical seminars due to scheduling conflicts, often exerting negative impact on those events.


BizConf provides the Unified Communication cloud service solution the medical institutions need and a whole set of remote medical service and efficiency management solutions, highlighting cost control and efficient output.


Remote expert consultation to avoid long travels and save lots of time and money for hospitals.

Video diagnoses with expert within or beyond the hospital to efficiently treat and cure patients.

Online surgery teaching by sharing audio, video and data to improve local medical service.

Medical meetings like epidemic prevention events or symposiums could be held any time to improve work efficiency.

Basic medical and daily healthcare education courses.


Remote “face-to-face” meetings with doctors, patients, distributors and government regulatory authorities.

Real-time check and feedback of R&D data and remote participation in clinical trials of medicines.

Marketing departments could hold press conference, symposiums and academic events through BizConf Unified Communication solution to impress clients.

Any of the above-mentioned communication and collaboration could be completed with any mobile device.


It would be easier to manage branches and all of the information from the headquarters could be instantly transferred to branches which could take the management, supervision and help of the headquarters any time.

Sales training in multiple locations.

Superiority of the solution

Reliable coverage of global software and hardware and rich experience in global deployment. (70% of world’s top 500 enterprises take the BizConf Unified Communication service, 7*24*365 multilingual online operator service)

BizConf would fit into remote hardware system to achieve low-cost hardware expansion (hardware for the main venue, expanded with software) and be compatible to all hardware conferencing systems

Provide real-time audio, video and relevant data among hospitals and between patients and experts to ensure better diagnoses and identification of patients’ conditions to implement remote medical diagnosing SOP (Standard Operating Procedures).

Provide to experts and medical representatives access to high-definition audio and video communication to resolve challenges wherever they are, be it in offices, coffee shops, railway stations, subway stations, cruises or planes.

Unimpeded connection to 150 regions across the world (PSTN technology and domestic leading first-class IDC service room) is available to accommodate super-large scale, multi-point and off-site training and marketing events for enterprises.

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