BizConf Business Audio Conferencing offers audio communication service in over 150 countries and regions across the world and instant solutions to customers to improve efficiency through the “Listen and Be Listened to” approach, immune to distance and other communication obstacles.

Attended Audio Conferencing Service for Exclusive VIP Tour

BizConf provides customized conferencing service for exclusive VIP to meet need of the high-end conferencing market.

Fully monitored conferencing to ensure meetings run smoothly

Staff rehearsals in advance to withstand unforeseen circumstances

After-meeting report provided on demand

Versatile and seamlessly integrated BizConf high-definition video conferencing

Perfect integration of PSTN and INTERNET

Global Service

  • Providing toll free access numbers and local access numbers in over 150 countries and regions across the world.
  • 7*24*365 Chinese-English bilingual support provided around the clock
  • Partnerships with multiple telecommunication operators worldwide and access to global resources.

Communication unimpeded, global service


Let the global communication unimpeded

Simple and Efficient :

Mobile APP conferencing without the trouble to bear in mind annoying numbers.

Embedded contacts to call at any place, any time.

One simple click on group call button to assemble all participants

Ultra high-capacity platform, 30s, to accommodate 1000-plus online attendees at ease

Integrated corporate OA not to miss a single meeting

Record, gag, lock, encrypt, fast response

Easy to handle:

Exclusive conferencing management and monitoring platform for IT co-workers:

Open or close user account and edit personal account information anytime

Simultaneous processing of meeting reservation, invitation and management to make arrangements in perfect order

Handle real-time meetings online by “seeing” status of each presented and monitor their audio information

Real-time invoice checking, clearly understand the usage

Monitored audio conferencing Service for Exclusive VIP Tour

Safe and stable

BizConf Audio Conferencing is based on carrier-class PSTN ensuring clear and stable connections as well as distributed processing and load balancing technology with network reliability up to 99.9%. Automatic failover in standby systems to facilitate remote backup data storage while multiple cryptography architectures are applied to meet specific needs.

Mobile collaboration

Flexible access to conferences via each and every terminal

Highly compatible and interconnected equipment


Let the global communication unimpeded

BIZCONF AUDIO Experience immediately


Official WeChat account of BizConf


Open WeChat, click “discovery” at the bottom, use “Scan QR Code” and follow the updates of BizConf

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