Unified Communication solution for retail sectors

BizConf offers a whole set of flexible, safe and smart Unified Communication cloud service solution to serve retail chain enterprises of different sizes, formats and demands for development.

Help retail chain enterprises improve service standard and achieve business innovations and sustainable development.

  • Flexible
  • safe
  • smart

1,600 of the Global Wealth top 2,000 enterprises are clients of BizConf.


Store management

Retailers could use BizConf Unified Communication solution to complete remote team communication and collaboration via virtual audio or video service;

Simultaneous work arrangement could be conducted for branches located in different places, including marketing events, latest bonus programs, remote team meetings, etc., in order to have effective management and control over their operation;

To hold off-site monthly and quarterly management and finance meetings, timely obtain sales report and staff data of branches; get a clear picture of sales and inventory status of chain stores at all levels and formulate fast decision-making mechanisms;

Trainees would be able to take any training course of the headquarters at any branch or store, enjoying competence training, new product launches and management philosophy sharing online;

Calls among the headquarters and branches within the same city or in other cities would be made through in-house IP network, saving customers’ expenditures on long distance calls and local calls.

Remote customer service

Multi-communication technology can help you

Unified Communication technology offers visible, clear, reliable and instant communication with employees, clients and suppliers across the world, facilitating fast decision-making mechanisms and more flexible and competitive enterprises;

It brings tremendous reduction of travel expenses and relevant logistics costs yet equally effective communication like face-to-face meetings;

Supply chain management

To promote communications and exchanges, shorten supply circle and respond faster to market changes;

Integrate data, audio and video in a single network to reduce costs and enhance flexibility;

Superiority of the solution

Rich experience in global deployment and implementation (as the remote communication service provider for the largest apparel group in America), able to accommodate super-large scale, multi-point and off-site training and promotion events.

High-definition, stable and smooth audio and video effects (PSTN technology, high-standard IDC room)

Reliable (available at any time), flexible (compatible to hardware equipment and terminal access) and expansible (add new clients in accordance with business growth)

Decent return on investment. A world-renowned sports brand which took the BizConf Unified Communication solution is offered quality and reliable audio and video communication, collaboration, file sharing, remote conference management and other conferencing services, effectively cutting down office hours and expenses while improving work efficiency.

Official WeChat account of BizConf


Open WeChat, click “discovery” at the bottom, use “Scan QR Code” and follow the updates of BizConf

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