We are BizConf video. Make meetings simple.

BizConf Video Conferencing, the SaaS-based service, provides to customers an all-round audio and video interactive and data sharing platform. High-end teleconferencing provides life-like “face-to-face” meeting experience, making corporate customers more productive, employee cooperation closer and new product launches faster.

Global service for global customers

BizConf provides toll free access numbers and local access numbers in over 150 countries and regions across the world to ensure unimpeded inter-network communication and cater the demands of international business for global communication while facilitating the strategic development of Chinese enterprises amid the Belt and Road Initiative in the long run.

  • Distributed deployments
  • Access by proximity
  • Fast extension
  • Transnational and local support

Wherever you are, the most convenient access to the meetings would be set to ensure the synchronization and stability of the video conferences.

Hardware extension to bring smart connection into operation

BizConf video conferencing could be easily connected to your corporate hardware to enable compatibility and real-time communication with hardware video conference rooms, saving any expenditure on additional hardware videos or bandwidth.


Video Conferencing

Trans-terminal: multiple connections to hardware videos, PC, Web, cellphones, pads, phones, etc..

Trans-system: unimpeded connections with Microsoft Skype for Business、Cisco、Polycom、Lifesize、Huawei、ZTE and even DingTalk.

Flexible deployment: public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud

100% coverage of diversified business scenarios: comprehensive video conferencing, webcasting, web conferencing, traditional PSTN/VoIP and in the future VR meetings.


Let the global communication unimpeded

BizConf Video Conferencing: integration of video interaction and webcasting

Perfect integration of interaction plus webcasting

Major attendees communicate via real-time video and audio interactions

Participants join the conference via real-time webcasting and communicate via text chat

Taking the best of both interaction and webcasting, allowing 10,000-attendee events.

Perfect integration of synchronized video and audio as well as content sharing:

BizConf video conferencing, with its vivid vision and content sharing, could be applied to various communication and collaboration within and among enterprises.

Regular meetings and interim meetings by your choice

Regular meetings and interim meetings by your choice

Safe sharing of documents and desktops

Whiteboard markers, both interactive and interesting

Safe and efficient data sharing

Low system requirement and highly adaptive communication environment

BizConf products self-regulating to optimized vision effects

Other products

  • Low bandwidth

  • Severe data loss

  • Long system delay

Integration of state-of-the-art video processing technologies and distributed structure

Technical superiority in video coding

H.264 SVC (dynamic optimization)

Proprietary handling with error concealment

Advantages of distributed structure

Advantages of distributed structure

Access by proximity

Highly stable and reliable

Ultra high network adaptability:

Dynamic optimization of video and audio effects amid various bandwidths

Supporting a minimum 160kpbs bandwidth

Supporting a maximum 30% data loss


Let the global communication unimpeded



Official WeChat account of BizConf


Open WeChat, click “discovery” at the bottom, use “Scan QR Code” and follow the updates of BizConf

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